Garden Workshop

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Bespoke Garden Room Buildings

Garden Workshop

Whether you use your garden workshop for your hobby or for your business, you need a space you can use that is organised, clean and easy to move around. You also need somewhere that is secure, especially if you intend to retain components or materials in the garden room overnight.

Garden Rooms Surrey have built garden workshops for hobby enthusiasts, making model cars, repairing electronics, designing new products, or simply tinkering with old devices that need some tlc. A garden workshop is so much more than a glorified shed. A shed is usually timber in frame, cold and sometimes damp, and more often than not, dark.

A bespoke garden workshop designed especially for you will be light, airy and warm and dry. We use the highest quality materials to build your garden room, fully insulated, and supplied with water and electric if required. We carry out all the groundworks required, and manage the build project from beginning to end. Our expert team will work with you to design a room that works for you. We can provide worktop space or floor space as needed.

By using top quality insulation, your new garden room will be cost effective and cheap to maintain. Double glazed windows and doors make up the majority of the exterior, providing you with natural light, and fresh air to generate a healthy garden workshop space.